About Costa Rica Monkey Tours

At Costa Rica Monkey Tours we are committed to facilitating and creating the vacation experience of your dreams. We guarantee a full connection with the country, its nature and its culture.

Who we are?

Costa Rica Monkey Tours is dedicated to providing exhilarating and authentic experiences creating lifetime memories. Depending on what you are looking for, we offer wonderful and exciting vacations, adventure adrenaline tours, or a beach and relaxation environment, all created to make your dreams come true.
It’s all about getting to know Costa Rica, its beauty and traditions, its roots and the vast array of flora and fauna.

With over a decade of experience in organizing tours, expeditions and adventures, our team of bilingual and trilingual vacation planners is prepared to deliver the best eco-adventure experience possible.
No need to worry, or as they say here, “Pura Vida”, here at Costa Rica Monkey Tours, we’ll handle all the details of your vacation. That way you can just kick back, relax, and have fun. All of this while enjoying the sights, sounds and culture of this piece of heaven on earth.

Why choose us?

Our organized activities are provided by fully licensed and registered tour operators that implement the highest safety regulations and equipment. We can guarantee that you will get the most out of each and every experience, and you will feel the need of coming back for more.

Either with exciting thrills such as white water rafting, flying through the forest canopy on a zip line; or enjoying nature to the fullest while hearing the whistle of the resplendent quetzal or the chatter of the howler monkeys, each adventure will give you unimaginable thrills. They are safe, unforgettable and secure for the entire family.

Imagine this: during your visit you will be comfortably transported from location to location in our private shuttles and escorted, at the end of each day, to a luxury 4 star hotel. Each morning, you will enjoy a Costa Rican breakfast and during your tour, some delicious traditional lunches. For dinner, you’ll be on your own to choose from a variety of options.

monitoWe offer:

Enjoy life to the fullest, breath in the fresh air of nature. Live an amazing adrenaline rushes while soaking in the beauty of Costa Rica. Let us, at Costa Rica Monkey Tours guide you through the experience.